Flowering now

Each of the above pages show wildflowers to be seen flowering in Ireland in that month and clicking on the images shows more photographs and plant details. The pages can only show some of the species for each month, there are many more!
More.. photographs and details of Trees, Ferns, Grasses, Rushes, Sedges, Mosses and Lichens found in Ireland.

July 2009: Tree-mallow, Burnet Rose and Blue-eyed-grass.
tree mallow burnet rose Blue-eyed-grass
June 2009: Heath Dog-violet, Sea-kale and Rough Clover
heath dog-violet sea kale rough clover
Below: Sea-kale, Crambe maritima on shingle beach, Ferrypoint, Co. Waterford.
sea-kale (Praiseach thrá)
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Below: Spring Gentians flowering in the Burren, May 2009
gentian,spring (Ceadharlach Bealtaine)
Below: Marsh-marigold, April 2009
marsh-marigold (lus buí Beltaine)
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Below: Wood Anemone, Lesser Celandine, Opposite-leaved Golden-Saxifrage. Photographed March 2009
anemone,wood (lus na gaoithe) celandine,lesser (grán arcáin) golden-saxifrage,opposite-leaved (glóris)
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