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Waterford and Cork Botany Group

The Botanical Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin
The Heritage Council
Irish Wildlife Trust
Irish Peatland Conservation
National Parks and Wildlife Service
National Biodiversity Data Centre
Notice Nature: Ireland's first public awareness campaign on biodiversity
Sherkin Island Marine Station
Nature's Web: a free online newsletter for children
iSPY Nature: Biodiversity awareness for young people
Irish Lichens
Irish Moths
Ireland's Wildlife and natural history

BSBI Ireland: The Irish Botanical News (pdf files)
BSBI Maps Scheme
Irish Grid Reference Calculator
Identify wildflowers online
Botanical Societies in other countries

Nightpark Nursery: wildflower plugs
Seedaholics: Flower, vegetable and wildflower seeds
Native Irish Wildflower seeds - Conservation Volunteers' Wildflower Nursery
Wildflower seeds

Paul Green: Flora of County Waterford website
and Book
The Wildlife of Waterford City and County
Prehistoric Waterford: Waterford's ancient Megalithic monuments
The Flora of Northern Ireland
The Burren connect project
Donegal Wildlife and donegal-wildlife.blogspot
A Catalogue of Alien Plants in Ireland
Wildflowers of Ireland

Orchid Ireland project
Ireland's Wild Orchids: a field guide
Dactylorhiza: Albiflora studies in Ireland
Orchids of Britain and Ireland
European Orchids
Dorset Nature: Wildflowers
UK Wildflower photographs
British Wild Flowers
Wildflower photographs: Britain, Ireland and Northern Europe
The flora of the Isle of Skye
A photo flora of Devon and Cornwall
Herbal Information: Including the electronic version of "A Modern Herbal" by Maud Grieve

Lichens of Ireland project

Irish Lichens
Lichen Ireland (Ulster Museum)
The British Lichen Society
British Lichens (previously UK Lichens)
Alan Silverside's Lichen Pages
Biopix: Lichens
Photographs of Lichens found in Ireland
Ferns in Britain and Ireland: Ferns, horsetails, clubmosses and quillworts
The British Bryological Society: A field guide to Mosses and Liverworts
Mosses and Liverworts in Wales
Andrews's Moss Site: A collection of 200+ photographs

Prehistoric Waterford: Waterford's ancient Megalithic monuments
Forest Friends Ireland
Irish Birding
Nature's Calendar and Mapping Ireland's Biodiversity
Irish Moths
Biochange: Irish Biodiversity and environmental Change
Growing Wild conservation programme
The Invasive Species Ireland project
Caisie: Control of Aquatic Invasive Species in Ireland project

The Flower Pictures Web-ring
The Flower Pictures Web-ring
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The Wildflower Society
Plant Database search page - Plants For A Future
Northern Ontario Plant Database: The flora of northern Ontario, Canada
Axiophytes - Indicator species
Plantlife International
NBN Gateway
Research web-pages: Dr. A Silverside, University of Paisley
Includes Euphrasia PowerPoint presentation and extended accounts of Mimulus and Orobanche
Last Refuge:
Dedicated to the support of endangered environments and species in our changing world,
through films, images and research.

Irish Butterflies

DNFC Guide to the Butterflies of Ireland
The Butterflies and Moths of Northern Ireland
Dragonfly Ireland
Cork County Bat Group
Bird Watch Ireland
South Dublin branch of Bird Watch Ireland
The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group
The Irish Seal Sanctuary
Freshwater and Marine Natural History

Irish Weather Online
Irish Bushcraft Club
Robert Thompson: Natural History Photographer
Mike Brown: Irish Landscape and Nature Photography
Jim Wilson: Irish Wildlife Film Services
Peter J Hosey Photography: British Wild Flower pictures and wildflower photos
Martin Mullen photography
Guided Birdwatching and pelagic tours in Ireland
The Irish Sea Kayaking Association
Lee Valley Walking Walking in Ireland's South West
The Mountaineering Council of Ireland
Mountain Training courses

Irish Seed Savers

The Organic Guide for Ireland
CELT Centre for Environmental Living and Training
Ardnashee: Alternative energy courses
The Greenbox: Irelands first ecotourism destination

Ravens Oak, West Cork: Rural Bed and Breakfast specialising in accommodation for botanists and birdwatchers.
Grasshopper Cottage, Lough Corrib: The Centre for Wild Brown Trout and Salmon Fishing in the West of Ireland
Brigits Garden, Connemara: Four Celtic-themed gardens in 11 acres of native woodland and wildflower meadows.
BookSteps Books for sustainable living and enviromental awareness. (Mail order) Everything you wanted to know about Iveleary, but didn't know who to ask.

Some useful Reference Books and Garden Links

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